Physical Performance Technology


Musculoskeletal 3D body screening through artificial intelligence.

  • Injury prevention
  • Objective and accurate analysis
  • Real-time, comprehensive report
  • Validated technology
  • Portable

MX3 – Diagnostics

The power of a lab in the palm of your hand!

  • Personal hydration system
  • Revolutionary test technology
  • Anytime, anywhere, real-time information
  • Test physiological hydration
  • Measure / analyse / perform


Metabolic analysis of clinical quality.

  • VO2 Max and RMR test
  • Metabolic analysis system.
  • Analyze 12 biomarkers in your breathing
  • Portable
  • Fast reporting
  • Metabolic profiling of :
    Nutrition | Activity | Physical | Health | Mental recovery


Virtual Reality Fitness. Icaros combines digital technology and workout.

Neuromuscular training

30% proven more efficient than regular workout

Europe’s leader in regenerative and preventative medicine

VALD Strenghttesting

Measurement technologies that ensure elite athletes and sportsmen are getting the right info about their bodies to make the right decisions.


  • Isometric
  • Measurement of 35 different positions and muscle groups
  • Search for assymetry and movement
  • Real-time results and analysis
  • Portable


Analyze neuromuscular strength, balance and stability

Real-time results and analysis



Cognitive and visual training

  • Striving for balance, stability and proprioception
  • Testing of :
    Attention | Reactivity | Intelligence

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