The Perform2Achieve team

Making you a better athlete with high-tech tools

We want to make you a better athlete. Or make your club or team perform better. We use tools that are scientifically based and have proven their usefulness in practice. Moreover, our tools are very affordable and are therefore also within reach of recreational clubs, teams and individual athletes.

Improving sports performance
with Artificial Intelligence and science

We are convinced that improving sports performance will increasingly be approached from a scientific perspective. The transition to Artificial Intelligence and other scientific training methods is an inevitable certainty.

We are committed on a daily basis to offering qualitative training methods – all based on Artificial Intelligence – to our clients. We continue to search for and test new techniques to help athletes effectively improve their sporting performance.

We work complementary and do not replace a coach, trainer or physiotherapist

Our tests, analyses and exercises are intended purely as a supplement and support. We do not in any way replace coach, trainer or physiotherapist. However, with our accurate analyses and graphs, we do provide completely new insights in order to train and practice better and more effectively afterwards.

Purchase your own test and exercise tool!

Our test and exercise tool Physimax can also be purchased from us. So you can test and train wherever, whenever and however you want. We are the official and exclusive distributor of Physimax in the Benelux.

Affordable prices

Equality is very important to us. That is why we want to offer our techniques at affordable prices. In this way, every sportsman and sportswoman can greatly improve and compete with equal weapons.

Sportsmanship and respect

Furthermore, we are committed to sportsmanship and respect and we ensure that these values always prevail in our training sessions.

Quality above all

We consider quality to be the highest good. That’s why we only work with high-tech systems that have proven their worth worldwide and are used by leading teams and federations.

Perform2Achieve is extremely mobile!

With our mobile screening lab, we can come to you. Would you rather come to us? Then please make an appointment in our screening lab in Zandhoven!

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