measure your hydration for the optimal sports performance

MX3 LAB: a fast test for optimal hydration

MX3 LAB is a portable device that allows you to measure your hydration level easily and reliably anywhere thanks to a quick saliva or sweat test.

How to use this quick saliva and sweat test?

Simply insert a test strip into the device, take a small saliva sample and get your results within seconds. In addition, you can also take the MX3 sweat sodium test. A simple test that instantly measures sodium loss so you can develop your own personalized rehydration strategy.

The importance of hydration

Hydration affects the functioning of your entire body. Proper hydration is essential to your physical and mental performance. When you don’t hydrate enough, you become dehydrated. You get headaches, you have less energy and you run an increased risk of injury. MX3 allows you to easily and accurately measure your hydration level at any time, so you can optimize your health and performance.

Improve your sports performance by hydrating

With MX3 LAB you know exactly how much you need to drink and what kind of fluid your body needs. Promote your health and deliver better sports performance by optimally hydrating your body. Athletes benefit from closely monitoring their hydration before, during and after exercise. This way, you will find out at what particular moment you could have adjusted your drinking habit to perform better.

The advantages of MX3 LAB

  • Portable: take your MX3 LAB with you wherever you go.
  • Easy to use: put the test strip on the tip of your tongue to take a sample.
  • Immediate measurements: registered within seconds.
  • Reliable results: same quality as a test in the lab.
  • Reusable: just replace your test strip.
  • Source of information: clear data in a user-friendly app.

For your own sports performance and that of your team

MX3 LAB is perfect for athletes who want to optimize their sports performance and monitor their hydration. With MX3 LAB, coaches and trainers optimize the sports performance of their athletes and reduce the risk of injuries. Regular testing ensures an accurate hydration profile. This way, as a trainer, you can easily adjust the hydration strategy of each individual athlete.

Results within seconds, wherever you are

No more complicated or time-consuming tests. MX3 provides immediate, accurate and actionable data. Simply place the test strip on your tongue and within seconds the app will record your saliva measurements. Moreover, you only need to replace the disposable strips. So you can use your MX3 LAB again and again, wherever you are.

MX3 LAB always and everywhere in your pocket

MX3 LAB is a portable device. Take a quick saliva or sweat test on the field or in the locker room. Pass the device to your team members and they too will measure their hydration levels ‘on the go’. The MX3 LAB works perfectly without bluetooth or internet access.

Just as reliable as a lab test!

Major breakthroughs in the science of electrochemistry, signal processing and microfluids have made possible the revolutionary operation of the MX3 LAB. The MX3 LAB delivers highly accurate, reliable results without waiting. It has been scientifically proven that the saliva test of the MX3 LAB is as accurate as that of a lab test. MX3 is laboratory quality in the palm of your hand!

The MX3 app: clear data in a user-friendly app

A rich source of information in a user-friendly and clear mobile app. Quickly take a saliva sample wherever and whenever you want and save the results in the app. Discover trends in dehydration risk and adjust your hydration needs accordingly.

Determine your optimal hydration zone thanks to handy graphs and statistics. With this valuable data, improve the sports performance of yourself and your team and get an edge over your opponents.

Download the MX3 app from Google Play or the Apple Store!

Look out for new tests from MX3 Diagnostics

With multiple testing options, the applications of the MX3 LAB are endless. In addition to the hydration and sweat test, more tests are coming to market in the near future for measurable health and optimal athletic performance:

  • Electrolytes
  • Ketones
  • Lactate
  • pH

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