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Physimax makes you the best athlete with artificial intelligence!

  • Prevent injuries?
  • Discover your weaknesses and tackle them in an efficient way?
  • Improve your fitness level with efficient and purposeful exercises?
  • Return to competition after injury?

Physimax strengthens your muscles and your bones with Artificial Intelligence (AI)! And thus prevents injuries.


What is Physimax?

Physimax is an innovative markerless 3D body scan that generates a huge amount of data. The system uses artificial intelligence and detects all weak spots in your muscles and your skeleton. With that data you can do work outs to tackle these weaknesses.

Physimax suggests very specific exercises and significantly improves your mobility, strength, stability and technique.





How does Physimax work?

AI and sophisticated 3D cameras

Physimax uses sophisticated 3D cameras. In front of these cameras you perform a set of specific exercises. You are done in less than 20 minutes. The 3D cameras register the movements of your body. The video recordings are then analysed by AI software.

Find out your weak spots

In this way you discover – very easily, quickly and accurately – where your weak spots are located and how you can tackle them. After this accurate analysis you will be given a set of specific exercises that you will work on for 9 weeks. You tackle your weak spots very specifically. With a handy app you easily keep track of your exercises and improvements.

Download the Physimax app in Google Play or in the Apple Store!

Physimax does so much more than just exposing your weaknesses.
Find out which benefits Physimax offers you as an athlete!

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Based on scientific research

Physimax is based on scientific research conducted at prestigious and internationally renowned American institutes and universities such as University of North Carolina, US Military Academy, Towson University, University of South Florida.

Physimax is used on a daily basis
by these top teams:


Winner of the French Football Federation Innovation Award 2020
in the category sports performance

Physimax: the AI ​​tool for athletes, sports clubs and professional teams

Physimax is the tool for recreational or professional athletes as well as for sports clubs, gyms, sports academies and professional sports teams. We measure, run tests and offer you tools to train better and more effectively and to tackle weaknesses.

We support you as a coach, trainer or physiotherapist

We by no means replace a coach, trainer or physiotherapist. We work additionally and support where necessary. You decide afterwards how the data will be handled and what training and exercises will look like. So you can call on our expertise to take the tests and exercises in your team. Or you can purchase Physimax yourself!

Get this fantastic test and practice tool yourself!

Physimax is a fantastic test and practice tool. Which you can also buy from us. Perform2Achieve is the official and exclusive Physimax distributor for the Benelux. Feel free to contact us for a free quote.

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Would you like to call on our expertise? We come your way with our high-tech mobile screening lab. Or you can book an appointment in our screening lab in Zandhoven. We carry out the tests you want or we set up a suitable test programme for you.

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